If you read my blog, you’re going to know more about me than you will ever want or need to know!  So it only seems fair to introduce you to my family as well.  They are my joy.  They are my crazy.  And together, we are the Brumleys!

I met Cody our senior year of high school.  He went to Collinsville High and I attended Stillwell High School.  We interviewed for the same scholarship and met at interviews for the President’s Leadership Class.  I had a binder of all my high school accomplishments because I’m just type A like that.  He looked through it while we were waiting to be called for our interview.  I didn’t know at the time that he was secretly thinking he had no chance for the scholarship, because he hadn’t even considered a binder, much less made one.  We found out that day we had a mutual friend and I think because of that mutual friend, we decided we should be friends as well.  We both ended up being selected for PLC.

seminary hall

We spent the next four years in close proximity to each other at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah.  We had some of the same basic classes together until I started my science classes and he went the mass communications route.  We were both heavily involved in Baptist Collegiate Ministries and both over-involved in just about everything else.  We were around each other a lot.  Normally, I was reminding him of an upcoming meeting or an assignment due.  I joke now that he married me because I was his own personal secretary. We hung out for four years, but never dated until the end of college.  To say we knew each other well was an understatement.


The last semester of our senior year, Cody got brave and asked me out.  Although I didn’t realize he was asking me on a date at the time so I changed the plans and invited him to my parents house for burgers instead.  We were both broke college students and a free meal sounded better.  I remember being at my parents house, and while he fumbled with a paperclip in his hand he also fumbled with his words and tried to tell me that he liked me.  Again, we had been friends for so long that I had no idea what he was trying to do.  He was mumbling on and on and I took the paperclip away that he was playing with because it was driving me crazy.  He said, “um…if I’m going to get through this, I’m going to need that back.”

early on

It still makes me giggle thinking of how this strong, confident man had such a hard time getting those words out.  I love our story and one day I should type it all out and save it for our children, but for now I will speed things up a bit.


We dated for five weeks.  He proposed in April and we said “I do” in November.  No one seemed to be shocked at our fast process.  Most of our friends and family say that they saw it coming long before we did.


We’ve been married ten years.  Cody is a gifted pastor.  He speaks truth in love.  He is wise, passionate and a man of many talents.  He leads and serves our family so well.  We’ve had hard times, but we’ve always gone through it TOGETHER.  A few jobs, our first house, a couple job changes and three beautiful babies.  Speaking of babies…


Charlotte is seven.  She is the typical oldest child and she is an absolute JOY.  She is kind and has so much empathy for her age.  She feels deeply and hurts easily for those around her.  She is also my social butterfly and starts each morning with “what are we going to do today momma” which is a lot for this stay-at-home-body to keep up with.  She is artistic like her daddy and I love the way her brain thinks.  She is patient with her mommy and I’ve learned so much from her.  In some ways, I think the oldest child has it great having a few years with her parents all to herself.  But in other ways, I feel she got jipped because of all the mistakes I’ve made and learned from her along the way.  She is loyal.  She is friendly.  She is beautiful.

Walker is four.  He is my spunky kid and keeps me on my toes.  He loves me something fierce.  I always say, “no one loves me like Walker loves me.”  That being said, sometimes raising a momma’s boy can be tough because you are ALWAYS on duty.  Cody finds it funny that it’s always mommy’s turn to wipe his hiney, like he’s sharing some sort of reward with me.  Walker feels big.  His hope, his hurt, his excitement.  It’s all intensified.  And there’s just no hugs as big as a Walker hug, although you have to work hard to earn his trust and loyalty to get one.  Oh, and he wears a cape everywhere he goes.


Judah is the baby.  He is one and he is precious. He’s easy going and quick to smile.  Not a lot gets under his skin and if he can be outside, he is a happy camper.  His red hair brings us compliments wherever we go, but his sweet spirit is what makes you want to scoop him up and never let go.  He is loved by his brother and sister and we will all have to work hard not to completely spoil him.

This is my family.

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