Where Can I Go?

I was recently invited to speak at a women’s ministry event over praying for our children. I began my preparation thinking that I would have something to offer the listeners. However, by the end, I felt much more confident that God used my preparation to change me. My hope is that what I shared with … Continue reading Where Can I Go?



This Physician Assistant turned stay at home mom started writing for adoption.com. I traded in my stethoscope for a computer and a white coat for joggers. I hope to share about my journey through adoption as an adoptive mother to others who may be in the same journey as well. You can use the links … Continue reading adoption.com

Remembering Who Holds Us When We Can’t Hold It Together

There are twenty-five days between May 25th and June 20th. Twenty-five days. Those days carry some heavy memories for this momma.  Because my youngest child was born on May 25th but I didn’t know he existed until June 20th. In those twenty-five days we had a lot of regular activities.  Awana awards banquet, end of … Continue reading Remembering Who Holds Us When We Can’t Hold It Together